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                        1953 Tonka Toys Look Book Mini Catalog

                        1953 was the first year for the Tonka mini catalog, popularly know as the Tonka Look Book. The small catalog was shipped inside the same carton as the truck. What a great way to let Mom and Dad know what else their little boy might be interested in. Models shown in the 1953 Tonka Toys look book were: Model #180 Dump Truck, Model #145 Steel Carrier, Model #500 Livestock Van, Model #140 Tonka Toys Transport, #550 Grain Hauler, #120 Carry-All Trailer with #50 Steam Shovel, #575 Tonka Logger, #400 Allied Furniture Van, #50 Steam Shovel, #250 Wrecker Truck and #175 Utility Hauler.

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                        1953 Look Book Front Cover
                        Front Cover
                        1953 Look Book Page 1
                        Page 1
                        1953 Look Book Page 2
                        Page 2

                        1953 Look Book Page 3
                        Page 3
                        1953 Look Book Page 4
                        Page 4
                        1953 Look Book Page 5
                        Page 5

                        1953 Look Book Page 6
                        Page 6
                        1953 Look Book Back Cover
                        Back Cover

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