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                        1972 Tonka Toys Look Book Style A

                        1972 marked the first year that Tonka did not display all of their toy models in the Tonka Look Book. The product line was growing by leaps and bounds and to display all of the Tonka models offered would have increased the cost of the Look Book. And any cost increase in manufacturing would have almost certainly increased the cost at the consumer level. That said, I wonder how many trucks Toby Tonka sold? Just a thought.
                        In addition to featuring selected models from the Tonka Toddlers, Tonka Gigglers, Smokey Bear Sets, Tonka Totes and Tonka Scramblers, Tiny Tonka models selected to be featured were: #760 Sun Buggy, #765 Sun Roamer, #750 Hot Trike, #1020 Bone Bruiser, #1025 Honey Bucket and #1079 Sun Seekers.
                        Representing the Mini Tonka series were: #1081 Snow Seekers, #1083 Road Roller, #1165 Lightning Bugs, #1230 Hoot n Hauler, #1265 Pony Puller and #1345 Track Duster.
                        Samples of the Regular series were: #2310 Alley Gator, #2447 Stump Jumper, #2522 Wrecker, #2534 Trencher, #2555 Camper and #2960 Aerial Ladder.
                        The Mighty Tonka series was represented by: #3900 Dump, #3920 Loader, #3945 Grader, #3940 Crane, #3950 Cement Mixer and the #4002 Loadmaster.

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                        1972 Look Book Page 1
                        Page 1
                        1972 Look Book Page 2
                        Page 2
                        1972 Look Book Page 3
                        Page 3
                        1972 Look Book Page 4
                        Page 4

                        1972 Look Book Page 5
                        Page 5
                        1972 Look Book Page 6
                        Page 6
                        1972 Look Book Page 7
                        Page 7
                        1972 Look Book Page 8
                        Page 8

                        1972 Look Book Page 9
                        Page 9
                        1972 Look Book Page 10
                        Page 10
                        1972 Look Book Page 11
                        Page 11
                        1972 Look Book Page 12
                        Page 12

                        1972 Look Book Page 13
                        Page 13
                        1972 Look Book Page 14
                        Page 14
                        1972 Look Book Page 15
                        Page 15

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