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                        1974 Tonka Toys French Language 6 Pane Pamphlet

                        Tonka Toys pamphlet in French was purchased from an enthusiast in Canada. It is not known if the pamphlet was included with all toys made and sold in Canada or just included with Tonkas sold in the heavily French speaking province of Quebeck. Had it not been for a strong magnifier, the date the pamphlet was printed would have been in doubt.

                        The coupon at the bottom of pane 6 offers a free catalog. Roughly translated ...For new book of Tonka Toys! This handy booklet of 12 pages in full color identifies and illustrates over 100 Tonka Toys ... small, large and strong! Simply fill in the coupon and we'll send it to you free. Keep it within reach of the hand for birthdays and any other occasions where you wish to give a gift.

                        Click thumbnail to magnify. Click magnified image to decrease

                        1974 French Language Pamphlet Pane 1
                        Pane 1
                        1974 French Language Pamphlet Pane 2
                        Pane 2
                        1974 French Language Pamphlet Pane 3
                        Pane 3

                        1974 French Language Pamphlet Pane 4
                        Pane 4
                        1974 French Language Pamphlet Pane 5
                        Pane 5
                        1974 French Language Pamphlet Pane 6
                        Pane 6

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