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                        1977 Tonka Toys 6 Pane Pamphlet

                        It's not a Look Book but it does give some insight as to some of the Tonkas available in 1977. This 6 pane pamphlet illustrated a portion of the trucks available in the Mighty, Regular, Mini and Tiny series. The promotional T-Shirt and Mug would be a nice addition to any Tonka truck collection. The mug shows up on eBay from time to time. The T-Shirt may not have made it into the 21st century.

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                        1977 Pamphlet Pane 1
                        Pane 1
                        1977 Pamphlet Pane 2
                        Pane 2
                        1977 Pamphlet Pane 3
                        Pane 3

                        1977 Pamphlet Pane 4
                        Pane 4
                        1977 Pamphlet Pane 5
                        Pane 5
                        1977 Pamphlet Pane 6
                        Pane 6

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