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                        Tonka Websites - Parts Suppliers - Toy & Hobby Websites


                        Tonka Toys Trucks
                        Companion website to Neat Old Toys, Tonka Gas Turbine and Mighty Tonka Trucks. Tonka private label, DeSalle Tonka collectibles and custom Tonka trucks are featured.

                        Custom Tin Toy Trucks LLC
                        Restores and customizes Tonka trucks. "Old fashioned quality for today's discriminating collector".

                        Mighty Tonka Trucks
                        Companion website to Neat Old Toys, Tonka Toys Trucks and Tonka Gas Turbine. Strictly Mighty Tonka from 1964 through 1997. Great reference to help you identify the model number and year manufactured. Did you know that there are several private label Mighty Tonka trucks?

                        Tonka Gas Turbine Trucks
                        Companion website to Neat Old Toys, Tonka Toys Trucks and Mighty Tonka Trucks, featuring Tonka's Regular series, 1965-1977 futuristic Gas Turbine trucks.

                        Tiny Tonka Toys
                        Featuring over 120 Tiny Tonka toys from the late 60's to the early 80's. Loaded with pictures and valuable reference material.

                        Rays Tonka Toys
                        Filled with quality photos and Tonka history. Check out the museum.

                        Metal Toy Museum
                        Do you have collectible Tonka trucks you want to give a new home? Ray is looking for trucks to purchase.


                        Salvaged Toy Parts
                        Chris's eBay store offers an eclectic mix of items including salvaged Buddy L, Nylint, Structo and Tonka parts.

                        Rick offers reproduction decals at very competitive prices for Tonka, Doepke®, Nylint®, Buddy L®, Structo® and others. Rick also sells hundreds of reproduction plastic and steel parts for Tonka and others.

                        Thomas Toys Antique Toy Parts
                        Hundreds of new reproduction plastic and steel parts for Tonka and others.

                        The Tonka Wrecking Yard
                        If you are looking for original parts to complete your project, the Tonka Wrecking Yard may have what you need. If you don't see your part listed, contact Kevin through a link on his eBay store.

                        Tonka Town
                        Tonka Town, an eBay store run by Fred Carlton in Georgetown, Texas, features an assortment of quality reproduction Tonka parts for your restoration projects. He'll treat you fair and square.

                        Sandbox Toys
                        Sandbox Toys, operated by Charlie Slater, has an eBay Store that features quality reproduction parts for: SMITH-MILLER®, Doepke®, Nylint®, Ertl®, Structo®, Tonka, Hubley® trucks and Arcade® dozers. His store front highlights but a sample of the reproduction parts he sells. Email Charlie from a link on his store front to ask about specific parts not listed. Honest, friendly service is his hallmark.


                        Grand Old Toys
                        The Internet's Free Antique Toy Database.

                        The Texas Antique Toy Collector
                        Fellow Texan Bill Lyde buys and sells Tonka, Smith Miller®, Structo® and other pressed steel marquees. In fact he deals in most things old and collectible.

                        Vintage Pressed Steel Toys
                        Alan's online museum of toy trucks featuring Buddy L®, Marx®, Nylint®, Tonka®, Smith-Miller®, Structo® and more.

                        Smith-Miller Toys
                        Smith-Miller® Corporate website.

                        OTHER TOY RELATED WEBSITES

                        Toy Trucker Magazine
                        Toy Trucker and Contractor magazine. From pressed steel trucks to die cast, this magazine has it all. Subscribe online.


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