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                        New Zealand NZ Made Tonka Trucks

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                        The Sixty's. The "King of Rock and Roll" was holding his own, the British invasion was shifting into high gear, I graduated from North Forsyth High School in Winston-Salem, NC in '64, joined the Navy later that year, wondered if I would get to see the Ho Chi Minh trail up close and personal, didn't, but some of my classmates did, and never were able to tell about out it and "Make Love - Not War" echoed from the Flower Power generation.

                        On a slightly lighter note, Tonka was in a crisis of its own. Tonka had a few failures in the 60's like the Army trucks (talk about bad timing) but for the most part, Tonka was on the grow and was looking to expand its manufacturing and distribution capabilities outside the U.S.A. In 1963, Tonka signed a licensing agreement with Rayon Surfaces Limited headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand to manufacture Tonka trucks. The licensing agreement eventually matured and Tonka New Zealand was born.

                        Literature regarding the New Zealand operation is difficult at best to find. Reviewing a 1964 New Zealand Look Book and a 1968 New Zealand Dealer Catalog will give you an idea of the models manufactured and the differences between New Zealand made and U.S.A. made Tonkas. I should also note that Tonka New Zealand also manufactured and shipped steel components and plastic components, to locations outside of New Zealand for assembly. As you review the New Zealand Tonkas, look for the differences as compared to the U.S.A. manufactured trucks. As new examples are found, the website will be updated.

                        Tonka New Zealand Whitewall

                        Whitewall used on regular series trucks
                        Tonka New Zealand Cab with Driver on Right

                        New Zealand Regular series cab with driver's side on right

                        Additional information about some of the identifiers you need to know. The N.Z. branded whitewall, while unique to New Zealand made trucks, is not the only whitewall found on New Zealand trucks. U.S.A. branded whitewalls were used on early production regular series Tonkas.

                        Tonka New Zealand Logo Label

                        Tonka New Zealand logo label
                        Tonka New Zealand Lube Label

                        Tonka New Zealand axle bearing lube label

                        The Tonka New Zealand logo label featured, although accurate in detail, is a reproduction. How do we know? The reproduction is a water slide. The original was a pressure sensitive or adhesive backed paper label. The axle bearing lube label is paper backed silver foil also adhesive backed. The lettering is red. I'm still looking for axle bearings on Regular series trucks. The round New Zealand Made label just below has a black background with the stylized Kiwi and lettering in white. This label is also pressure sensitive.

                        Made in New Zealand Label

                        Circa 1964-1970 New Zealand Made label
                        Label Locations Under Chassis

                        Typical label locations on a Regular series chassis

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