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                        New Zealand NZ Made Tonka Trucks

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                        Tonka Gas Turbine Mobile Crane Made in New Zealand

                        Circa 1970 Gas Turbine Mobile Crane. Courtesy Dean Poeppe
                        Tonka #302 Pick-up Made in New Zealand

                        #302 Pick-up. Courtesy the Patrick O'Neil Collection

                        Tonka Logger Cab and Trailer Made in New Zealand Tonka New Zealand Logger Cab Tonka New Zealand Logger Trailer

                        Circa late 1960's New Zealand #08 Logger. The Tonka "T" is embossed in the front bumper, typical of the 1961 only U.S.A. manufactured models. The wheel covers were new on U.S.A. manufactured models in 1968. Without a visual reference like a Look Book or dealer catalog, it will be very challenging to determine the year a New Zealand truck was manufactured.

                        Tonka New Zealand Mighty Wrecker

                        Circa 1970 #3915 Mighty Wrecker
                        Tonka New Zealand Tiny Bottom Dump

                        Circa 1970 #655 Tiny Bottom Dump

                        Late 1960's Tractor and Wagon

                        Circa Late 1960's Tractor and Wagon
                        Late 1960's New Zealand Label

                        Circa Late 1960's Tonka New Zealand Label

                        Late 1960's Tractor

                        Circa Late 1960's Tractor
                        Tonka New Zealand Logo

                        Tonka New Zealand Logo

                        Tonka New Zealand Tractor and Wagon

                        Circa early 1980's Farm Tractor and Wagon
                        Tonka New Zealand Tractor and Wagon

                        Circa late 1970's Farm Tractor and Wagon

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