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                        New Zealand NZ Made Tonka Trucks

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                        Tonka New Zealand Tractor with Backhoe and  Loader Attachments

                        Circa early 1980's Farm Tractor with Backhoe and Loader Attachments
                        Tonka New Zealand Front End Loader

                        Circa mid 1970's #352 Front End Loader

                        Tonka New Zealand Dump

                        Circa 1964 Dump
                        Tonka New Zealand Pumper

                        Circa mid 1960's #926 Pumper. Courtesy the Patrick O'Neil Collection

                        Tonka New Zealand Pumper Details
                        The model #926 Pumper has a few design details that make it unique from the USA manufactured units. The floor of the bed is smooth (detail A) not ribbed as on USA models. The hose on the reel is clear (detail B) not black. (detail C) shows the hose connector painted red not natural or unfinished and the doors are unfinished, not painted red. Difficult to see, the running boards have a different pattern.

                        Tonka New Zealand Jeep with House Boat

                        Circa mid 1960's #136 House Boat Set. Courtesy the Patrick O'Neil Collection

                        Tonka New Zealand Jeep

                        Circa 1965 Jeep. Part of #136 House Boat Set
                        Tonka New Zealand House Boat

                        Circa 1965 House Boat

                        Model #136 made in New Zealand had a few design details that set it apart from U.S.A. manufactured House Boat Set. New in 1961, the U.S.A. made, one year only, #136 Houseboat Set featured a style-side pickup pulling a tilt bed trailer loaded with a houseboat. The houseboat was red and white with red railing. The houseboat motor was red and white. Compare these design details to the New Zealand made model #136 featured above and the differences are obvious.

                        Tonka began manufacturing in NZ soon after the ink dried on the paperwork in 1964. The Jeep featured with this NZ House Boat Set has U.S.A. on the whitewalls indicating that this set was probably manufactured soon after Tonka cranked up the assembly line. Also of interest...the graphic on the carton shows the Jeep with a spare tire mounted on the right rear quarter panel. However, there are no provisions to mount the spare.

                        1964 Tonka New Zealand Model 1001 Military Set

                        1964 Model 1001 Military Set. Sold on eBay for $635 in early October 2013.

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